Lemons, aka Citrus limon, have been used for generations for their therapeutic properties.  Not only are lemons rich in vitamin C, giving them the capability to boost a consumer’s immune system, but they also obtain a wide range of therapeutic properties.  In fact, the Citrus limon essential oil, expressed from the lemon’s fresh peel, has various applications making it a wonderful contribution to aromatherapy as well.

However, back to the nutritious properties of the lemon, it is rich in vitamin B as well, aids in digestion, controls bladder and kidney infections, contains antibacterial and antiviral properties (great for getting rid of infections!), acts as a blood purifier — improving the body’s ability to release toxins (useful for skin problems such as acne!) … and the list goes on!


Drink warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning as a liver tonic!





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