First Post

Welcome! The Homeopathic Helper is a blog designed to explore natural remedies for the prevention, treatment, and cure of common conditions.

In today’s society, many individuals rely heavily on pharmaceutical companies and  mainstream medicine.  Homeopathy is a natural alternative to this; it works by treating a person as a whole, or holistically.  This means that, although presenting symptoms are still being looked at, homeopathic health approaches consider an individual’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well.

Although homeopathic medicines might not be effective in treating all diseased states, it is still important to actively practice holistic health approaches such as herbalism, aromatherapy, yoga, etc.

With this blog, I hope to encourage you to incorporate natural healing remedies into your daily lives with the intent of preventing many of the common ailments of the body.  If you can prevent, you won’t have to treat!  


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